OUR ethos

“The Oak should be recognised and celebrated as a shining example of the exceptional level of care and individual development that is possible to create for young children at their most crucial and foundational intellectual and emotional development stage.”  


We believe in…


Set within the Wimbledon Park Pavilion, we are two local Mothers and Educators who are passionate about giving our pupils a local, healthy and exciting environment within which to learn and grow as individuals. We are committed and connected to local groups, believing that we have a vibrant role to play within our local community. 


We embrace our natural environment within the park with creative and problem-solving opportunities. Our position in the park allows our pupils to engage and discover new things about the world around them. This supports all seven areas of the EYFS, as well as the holistic development of each child; nurturing their health and wellbeing.


The world is moving fast, with increasing technologies and we need to adapt our teaching and learning experiences to suit the 21st century learner. We are committed to developing independent thinkers in a child-led environment,  where we nurture empathy, teamwork and respect for both the natural habitat and others around us. 


Beyond the physical space of the indoor and outdoor learning environments, we aim to provide a stable environment for our young learners, where they feel safe, secure and able to thrive. Our teachers are experienced educators, who are focused on creating positive learning experiences, whilst building collaboration and reflection into each day. 

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Wimbledon Park Pavilion.

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